Saturday, July 26, 2008

Setting my sites on...

Here are some great sites I picked up today from my students as I graded assignments:
  • Who2, which offers quick biography information. It also tells "Arrivals and Departures," or what famous people died or were born on the day you are searching.
  • Here is a useful site for teachers and/or students to use if they want to ask permission to use material and respect copyright--separate templates for educators and students. It is a Landmark Project page:
  • Holy Bookworms! Superheroes Reading Clubs!
  • This Mexico site is worth visiting just for the stunning portal, but info is great also:
  • Here is a site NOT to use. It would be good to share with teachers as an example of inaccurate and biased "science" sites: and of courses you would want to explore the rest of the site.

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