Saturday, May 3, 2008

Learning from Students Again--Web 2.0 School Sites

My MLS students had to explore a number of Web 2.0 sites in order to do an assigment somewhat similar to 23 Things. Here are some good sites I picked up from their submissions:
I think it is great to visit these and a growing number of school sites that show creative ideas for using Web 2.0 resources. Further, I hope that people who are currently blocked by filters will take note of these and similar sites. Show them to the powers that be in your schools and districts. Ask them why so many other educators and students have access, while yours are being blocked. Maybe this is one tool that can help others gain access.


  1. This is a great suggestion. Until we start exploring these web 2.0 tools to find out how they can be used to engage students, we have no way to argue that they should be unblocked.

  2. These are all good points but I have to add that in a lot of businesses employees are locked out from 1.0 tools such as gmail, hotmail, etc.

  3. Dr. Bell,
    Have you heard about Skype? Apparently you can make phone calls across the world for free, among other things. I'm not sure why it's different. But, people in my district are using it, so I was curious.

  4. Thanks for previous comments. I am sorry to hear that the business world has similar restrictive filtering and maybe this is just my bias, but I think it is even worse to do it at school. In the school environment, districts that are so restrictive hamper teaching and learning. I know less about the situation in the business world but I would think that clamping down really hurts morale and is perceived by employees as paternal and insulting.

    As to Skype, yes I am familiar with it but as yet have not had time to play with it. Soon....