Sunday, April 27, 2008

OMG I Am Gonna Get Smarter!!!

Since having recently acquired two appurtenances disseminated by Apple, a MacBook Pro and an iPhone, I have noticed an upward trend in my intellect! Now I perceive a scholarly endeavor supports the veracity of this phenomenon!

Texas translation: Hey ya'll, I am fixin' t'git smarter with m' new stuff.Publish Post


  1. DANG IT! I knew I should've gone with an iBook instead of a new Dell (but I thought I was being smart saving half my money!)

  2. Wait...IBM has a logo? Cannot even call theirs to mind. On the other hand, loving my MacBook as I do, I get excited if I see someone using one on TV because I get to see the apple logo lit up on the cover, which I don't get to see on mine since I am on the other side of it. I love Apple! Did you see the new iMac?

  3. I did see the Mac Air, have not seen the new iMac. Mine is very much a workhorse laptop, a bit heavy but does a lot. I too love the style that goes along with Macs. The logo is of course nice. Also, I love the happy little sounds it makes. And I have tons of fun with my iPhone.