Saturday, April 26, 2008

I Am So Lucky!

I just came back to my porch after turning off the sprinkler. I looked down at my surroundings and saw the following:
  • Two comfy lounge chairs
  • My dog Ringo who goes where I go
  • Kindle
  • Zippy the Flip Cam
  • Idella the iPhone
  • Maxine the MacBookPro
  • My bike
I am a very lucky person. But I am thinking...which of these do I treasure the most? Ringo, of course! But after that...what I am getting at is which gadgets do I/you value the most? Can I put them in some kind of hierarchy? Can you? Which can you least imagine getting along without?


  1. I vote for Grindel for the Kindle. I liked saying that. My b-in-law's old bomb of a car was named Grendel--because he was so ugly. The Kindle is aesthetically appealing to me, but I like the rhyming quality of Grindel the Kindle.

    1. Cell phone
    2. My Canon digital camera
    3. My iPod
    4. My Macbook
    (Kindle would be here if I owned one. I just drool on my friend's.)
    I think I've abandoned my PDA.

  2. My bike :)
    My bike

    my macbook (tho' it's slower than I like... just got it)

  3. my top picks would be:
    1. blackberry
    2. macbook air (just got it!)
    3. ipod

    haven't tried the kindle yet - it would probably make the list if I had!

  4. Hi Mary Ann
    Well I'm delighted to see that someone else does the ol' anthropomorphic thing. I name lots of my stuff too ... gosh, even the plants.

    But favourites are my pal Fern (a Border Collie); my Moleskine notebook; iPhone (just called 'phone' very unimaginative); a Lamy fountain pen; a shiny 24" iMac and my VW Turbo Golf ('Scarlett').

    They all get me where I need to go!

    PS Nice to find your website!

  5. From your list I'd have to say the comfy chair. From my life I'd say CNN. Can't live without my news fix!

  6. Thanks for all comments! Currently my faves are, starting with top choice:
    1. iPhone
    2. MacBook
    3. Kindle
    4. Electric bike
    5. Casio Exilim Camera
    6. FlipCam

    I have some other things, including an iPod, but these are the ones that I would really hate to lose.