Wednesday, October 17, 2007

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I must say this is handy. I just uploaded a powerpoint presentation that I plan to use soon, using SlideShare. After uploading, I had the option to share it here. it is! The raison d'etre for this powerpoint is to help people come up with creative ideas for teaching with technology, even if they have little or no Internet access. I share David Jonassen's philosophy about mindtools and then give some activities that go along with it. They all involve the use of readily available, low-cost or free applications. This is intended to be useful even in the most heavily filtered schools where Web 2.0 options are blocked.


From: drmaryannbell, 2 minutes ago

This slide show is about how to use technology readily at hand in teaching K-12.

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  1. It's too bad I can't access this at school, so I could share it with teachers. But, SlideShare is blocked at school for online storage. I tried to get it unblocked through the District's committee which looks at "inappropraite sites" for but was told that there was too much other stuff that was inappropriate. If the school librarians wanted to use the PowerPoints then they could burn them to a CD at home. If they didn't have the ability to do so, the committee chair generously offered to make them the CDs. Grrr... Frustrated? YES! Our District is basing all of its decisions on the opinion of the board's attorney who said that everything on the Net could be found in a book anyway, so they don't have to unblock sites in a timely manner! Frustrated? Beyond frustration at this point. Sorry had to vent.

    I am trying to get my teachers to use Web 2.0 and find myself blocked. I used a wiki for the first time last week with a class and it took me awhile to find a site that wasn't blocked. I could visit other people's wikis (if education-related), but couldn't create one. I finally found a site that the filter had missed. Hallelujah! The teacher involved with the wiki was so excited that she created one for her own class to use before the week was over. Her students were loving it! She even felt comfortable enough to say that she was willing to show another teacher how to do it! Now that is something! Now, how do I get that kind of excitement to my Board and committee??