Thursday, October 4, 2007

Great Library Research Idea!

My students do webliographies for one of their assignments. Someone today chose the topic of "Houdini." Among her resources, she mentioned the public library from the town where he was born, Appleton, WI. Here is the link:
They also have pages for two other famous locals, Edna Ferber and Sen. Joseph McCarthy. Thinking of my own home town, I can come up with several great topics of local interest that could also be unique resources for others. San Marcos, TX could feature a page about President Lyndon Johnson, for instance, since he went to college there. Royalty free pictures could be available of the school buildings that were there when he attended, and the house where he lived (now a museum).There are certainly people around who knew him, and it might be possible to offer some interviews. I wish I had thought of this idea when I was still in a junior high library. It would have been a great project with kids just at the right age...

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