Saturday, June 9, 2007

Trip Proud Journey!!

Someone contacted me about the expression "trip proud" and said that she had heard "journey proud" instead. I did a search for this phrase and came up with all kinds of information including four books by that title! I also found links saying that it is indeed old-fashioned, and "very Southern." One of the books I think I want: Journey Proud: Recollections of a Fifties Woman, which is about politics as well as the time referenced. There was also a link to a use by a Houston Chronicle columnist:
The thing that seems amazing to me about THAT is that Leon Hale, who I mentioned in the previous entry, is also a columnist for the Chronicle. He was the one saying "trip proud." AND I came across this very humorous definition from Urban Dictionary that is not entirely what I had in mind but...well, here it is and euuu:
What a fun diversion when I should be packing for my trip! I may be trip proud, and I am, but I am simultaneously in denial. Off to pack and brave the Wal-Mart hordes. If you live in a small town, this is a necessary stop before a trip for incidentals, etc., alas.

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  1. Well, I found out that Journey Proud: Southern Women's Personal Writings
    by Agnes McDonald is a book about a girl that is very proud about all her achievements in life, which back up the title of the book. As the title states, it is a saying from the south. One of the book reviews about this books states that McDonald takes her title, Journey Proud, from the expression her grandmother used to describe the exhilaration of traveling, the rush of preparation for the journey and the satisfied exhaustion that comes upon arrival.