Saturday, June 9, 2007

Trip Proud Countdown

One of my favorite newspaper columnists, Texan Leon Hale, once wrote about having the condition called "trip proud" whereby you are very excited and jazzed up about an upcoming journey. It is appropriate for me, since I am two days away from a trip to New York City and Washington DC, teaching a travel study class. We will be staying in dorms at Columbia University and American University, respectively. Yep, I am excited! I am also wondering if this expression is unique to Texas. The only other reference I could find to it on the Internet was a travel blog, and the woman writing it is a Texan. Anyway, here I am, wide awake since 4 AM today. I have been grading papers and answering emails. Gonna need a nap later! Think I will post to LM_NET and see if people are familiar with this saying. Will report back if so.

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