Saturday, March 3, 2007

New Site to Me + Fun Finds Via Vanity Searching!

First off, I happened today upon something new to me, and a nice Web 2.0 tool that bridges the "old" and the new. It is Slideshare:
Like so many other Web 2.0 environments, it is free to sign up and then you can upload and share your PowerPoint Presentations or Open Office slideshows. The show I viewed was very clever, and informs us about RSS. Take a look at it and the site as a whole. I just signed up. I have been boycotting PowerPoint of late, because everybody uses it and I don't like to be like everybody else. So for my presentations I usually just post some very simple web pages. BUT, with the uploading so easy and something a bit new, I may think again about PPT. The presentation I was talking about is by David Jakes and located here:

Now about the fun finds. Last night I was in my easy chair again, with the TV on, and indulging in my usual pre-bedtime vegetative state. I got the idea to do a couple of vanity searches--you know--when you search for yourself. First I Googled my daughter and came across a really super review of her CD. I had seen it before but it has been quite a while and really I do think this is someone who "gets" what it is she is trying to do. The review is here:
Then I thought what the heck, I will Google myself and did so. As always my SHSU page comes up first, which I am glad to see. But look at what I found out there!
Wow, is that nice or what! These kind words really made my day, and I found her blog in general to be one I will follow and recommend to students.

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words. One of the fun aspects of TCEA for me this year was meeting people who's blogs I read on a regular basis. It was doubly fun to start reading a blog written by someone I had already seen at TCEA - you!
    The sense of community that I get from blogging conversations and the learning that happens for me have been more valuable than I can say. Thanks for adding me to your circle.