Sunday, January 28, 2007

Startup Process

I am launching this blog on Sunday, January 28. I have already tried two other blog spaces, Bloglines and WordPress. Both of these seemed disappointing to me. I did not like the looks of WordPress after I started up there, and thought Bloglines was less intuitive than I hoped. So far, this is my favorite and the one I think I will use.


  1. I don't know Bloglines, but I have found WordPress to be an excellent blogging tool (I run it on my own blog at SolidOffice). Of course, I'm a fan of Blogger too, though I have not used it much myself. I wonder what specifically bothered you about WordPress, and whether their recent new version (2.1) would have changed that?

  2. I agree that for beginners (as I am one too) this is an easy blog format to set up quickly and easily...however, it is blocked by our firewall, so I run a parallel blog currently on edublogs (a free service of Word Press)
    I will be reading your blog at home!
    Good luck!