Sunday, January 28, 2007

Multimedia&Internet@Schools Conference, November 2006

I wrote a couple of entries back in November 2006 while I was in Monterey, California, for the Multimedia&Internet@School Conference. My plan was to use them to launch a blog during or right after the conference. Instead, on the last day of the event, I fell and broke my wrist. That resulted in a long delay while I had surgery and recovered, keying with just one hand for a long time. I am including those comments below. You will notice that they are in the first person but keep referencing my companion as well as myself. That is because I was traveling with my Librarian Action Figure, Nancy Pearl, who goes where I go. If future posts I will talk more about her but will discontinue using the “we” device.

Monday, October 22: Internet Librarian/Internet@School Conference is the BEST! Nancy and agree on that. We are in our second day here in Monterey, CA. Nancy was pretty peeved at me yesterday because I did not take her out of my bag one time, but I was so busy! I went to four sessions, all of which were top notch. In the morning I concentrated on sessions designed to bring us up-to-date on the latest and best Internet search tools and techniques: We learned sooo many new tools to try out and use, including:




And many others…all will be posted to my website. Here is the URL for the index page to it:

In the afternoon we heard presentations about schools and libraries.

Today, Tuesday, October 23, we were a little nervous, because I presented at the time slot just before lunch. I talked about my new book, Cybersins and Digital Good Deeds, and certainly had plenty of material to cover. But I always get a little jumpy before speaking at conferences. Nancy was happy, though, because I introduced her personally and even let her stand on the podium while her talked. I will post a picture of her taken there. Having her there bolstered my courage and the session went very well. This afternoon's sessions were again quite good. The folks at Kent University SLIS have done wonderful things in the area of teacher/librarian collaboration and I got some ideas from their presentations. Incidentally, a lot of what they have developed is FREE for ANYONE. Go here to learn more~! During the afternoon break I actually went back to my room for a short nap. Then back to the conference for the last session of the day, and one I was really looking forward to, because it featured Gary Price, of The Reference Shelf and also, recently, from ASK.COM. Now I can say, hands down, that I have a new favorite search engine and that it is You have got to give it a try. Here is a quick example. Go to their main page and just search for “dog.” Take a look at all the extra added value features that appear right below the search window, as well as the expected results. Next try their maps. Maps at are so cool! They even give walking directions—the only search engine on the web that does that! There is more, and here is a link to his presentation with tons of great links as well as info about Next up for me is a reception for speakers, and then I am heading back to the hotel. The helpful lady at the front desk recommended a restaurant just down the street from my hotel called The Sardine Company. It is just down from Cannery Row which probably explains the name. Nancy and I are looking forward to a nice relaxing supper after the reception.

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