Friday, October 23, 2015

Bad Case of Trip Proud

Whoa I have a bad case of "trip proud" right now. I am headed to Monterey CA! If you are not familiar with this old time country term, here are links to entries where I have talked about it before:
I always get weird before a trip. I am not sure why today's feeling is heightened but it may be due to the fact that I did not do much advance preparation, plus we are in the middle of weather alerts. It's a sad fact that Central and Southeast Texans are jumpy about major rain after the Memorial Day 2015 floods, from which we are still recovering. There's every chance for travel delays as this storm rolls in
but we're headed out a day early so there's really no need for alarm. The rest of my mood comes from getting everything together. What shoes? Do I have all my tech toys? Cords??? Connectors? Sketching supplies? Books? I am presenting on sketchnoting so carrying along some materials to show. Despite the rain we are going to have to head out shortly for a quick trip to town for meds, cleaning, and a couple other things (cough, liquor store, cough). Probably when that's done I'll put the final touches on my packing and feel much better. That's my usual modus operandus.

But will I sleep well tonight? Probably not. I never do find it easy to sleep before a trip, especially when there is an early departure as will be the case for us this time. By this time tomorrow afternoon we will be in Sunny California though, and then my stress will schlep over into pre-preso nervousness. Thankfully I present early on the very first day, so after that I can sit back and relax to enjoy all the other sessions. And like always, I know I will find lots to learn and inspire at this conference. I always do...and this is my 11th straight year. See you there?

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