Sunday, October 3, 2010

Journey To The Top

This is not by me! It is by my dear friend and teaching assistant, Debbie Henson. She is a breast cancer survivor, a wonderful mom, a real nerd who loves to learn new technology stuff,  and a general delight to know. I wanted to share her accomplishment. The rest of this post is in her words:

This past weekend while visiting our daughter in Colorado Springs I wanted to do the Incline on Pikes Peak at Manitou. Ashley told me about it in a visit back in April and I said the next time I come I will attempt it. I started talking about it as soon as I book our flight. I had doubters…given my age of 57 and hip issues but I insisted that I was going to at least try.

View from bottom

I went to the shoe store and bought hiking shoes knowing full well that I would not wear them again after the weekend trip. I bought suitable clothing to wear up the mountain since it does get cooler.

Saturday morning we got up and got ready. I was feeling a little apprehensive as I got closer but I told myself that I had to try it, I wouldn’t have this opportunity again and just go for as long as I could.

View from the bottom.

Well, I DID DO IT. As I told Ashley, physically, this was as hard as childbirth and in many ways like it. While there is a point at which you can head down the mountain on a trail at the halfway mark, for the most part, once you start it’s best to keep going because the trip down is just as bad. I was exhausted; my feet, knees and hips hurt but it was GREAT. Other than childbirth…..THE BEST AROUND EXPERIENCE EVER!

What I learned about completing the Incline-

View from the top.

* No matter how old you are you still have to have aspirations, goals and dreams.
* Seize an opportunity when you can because you might not have the chance again.
* It’s ok to look forward and skyward, just don’t get overwhelmed with what is ahead of you.
* Make sure you have someone there along the way to encourage.
* Take it slow, rest and continue on. Time doesn’t have to be a factor. As Ashley said….think tortoise-slow but sure.
* It’s a humbling experience…it brought me to my knees at the difficult parts.
* Everyone passed me by, but while they did, they were encouraging and friendly.
* Others get to the top before you but that doesn’t mean you won’t get there as well.
* You will get discouraged with what is ahead of you but that is ok. Again, have someone who will rally you on in the difficult parts.
* Not only was it a physical feat it was a spiritual and emotional one as well.
* As my cousin says-Age is an attitude and I SO believe this!
* AND………the MOST important: ONE STEP AT A TIME and never give up!

To Debbie...YOU GO GIRL!!!

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  1. Hi Mary Ann,

    Love this post. You'll be my inspiration for climbing Kilimanjaro later this month!