Sunday, April 25, 2010

Apology to TLC Listserv

Dear Fellow Texas Librarians, I want to apologize for the unintelligible message sent today from my dog, Son. He does not understand about message boards, spam (which he thinks sounds yummy), cookies (which he KNOWS are yummy) or any other computer stuff. I have been enjoying the glorious weather and working on my back porch. Son has been sharing his (once my) lounge chair with me. Evidently when I went inside he at some point he tapped out a message, or at least a subject line that reads "Re: JAnjJhjqpbjbjhoq'&0-¥£¥-'haws." By the end of it I think he was getting the hang of the keyboard and actually typed out some rude laughter. I am attaching a picture of him, right at the scene of the cyber crime. You can see he is sorry about the whole thing...

PS If you look at the bottom right corner and on the floor, you can see evidence of his chewing on the cushion a little bit. He always apologizes for that too.

1 comment:

  1. LOL. . . Before you said it was, Son, I was wondering what you put in your diet coke. Funny!