Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hopping on Bandwagon: 101 in 1001

OK I am going to take a stab at this project. Click on the entry title to go to the original website. The challenge is to come up with 101 things that you would like to do in the next 1001 days. People are posting lists, revising them, and generally having fun with this. So I am gonna give it a whirl. BUT I do not plan to list all 101 today. I will START and then post in with updates till I get my list. For now, I am just going to list as many as come to mind in 10 minutes. I am setting my timer, and here goes:
1. Make a list of 101 things.
2. Lose ten pounds.
3. Jog at least 3X week.
4. Adopt a dog to be a playmate for lonely one dog, Son.
5. Get a letter to editor accepted by Austin TX paper.
6. Get at least one more letter printed at Houston Chronicle.
7. Average blog activity increase to 3X week.
8. Meet my childhood best friend for lunch.
9. Get a colonoscopy.
10. Update Shelfari and keep it current.
11. Create videos for all classes I am currently teaching.
12. Paint designs on my guest house.
13. Get new heating system house.
14. Never go more than 3 weeks without visiting Dad.
15. Recruit 250 new students for SHSU LS program by fall term 2010.
16. See that all faculty positions for LS department are filled.
17. Revisit Crater Lake and go out to the island in the middle.
18. Reconnect with old high school friends.

OK that's my 10 minutes worth of listing. CYA on down the road!

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