Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Paper

I slept way too late this morning. But I woke up feeling rested, a huge benefit. I was really looking forward to a nice cup of coffee on the porch and a leisurely browse through my Sunday paper. But then, I stepped out into my front yard Sunday paper! Not finding it gave me a sharp pain in my planning center. I am very ritualistic about my Sunday paper, and not having one has in the past forced me into my car early in the day to find a copy. Not today though. I just shrugged, picked up a copy of Knowledge Quest and enjoyed my coffee with that. To know what a shift this is for me, you would have to understand to what degree I have been a newsprint junkie. Not only do I equate having a newspaper with having a good day, I have for years been quite ritualistic about how I read. First I go through the front section, next come editorials, and so on. Thus for me to shrug off not receiving my paper fix, and on a Sunday at that, is a fairly dramatic shift. It makes me wonder...If I am able to have such a nice day without my paper, will there come a day when I no longer subscribe? What does it portend for newspapers that a loyal devotee like me no longer misses having a paper badly enough to go beyond my front walk to get one? What will become of newspapers?

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