Tuesday, April 14, 2009

LM_NET Saved My Life!

Yesterday, last night, and this morning, I seriously considered my own demise. No, not really, but I was in the throes of long neglected hacking cough/congestion/general ickiness exacerbated by way too many cough drops. About 30 minutes ago I listlessly turned to my favorite listserv and summoned the strength to click on a message about favorite blogs. Not surprisingly, the first one listed was my favorite, that of my hero Dr. Teri Lesesne, The Goddess of YA Literature (http://professornana.livejournal.com/). Then as I scanned down the list, I saw...THIS BLOG!!! Omigosh I thought! I can't die now! I've gotta go and update my blog! So thanks Netters, for raising my from the bog of self pity to the blog where I ought to be!

By the way, too many cough drops can make you sicker than you were in the first place. As Satchel says in "Get Fuzzy" I've got a rumbly in my tumbly. But finally I have faced up to my sad situation. I have a doctor appointment later this afternoon.


  1. Hope you're soon on the mend Dr. B!

  2. It can be even worse if those cough drops are the sugar free kind because the sweetener in them that replaces the sugar can have side effects. I found this out the hard way too!

  3. If I eat too many cough drops they make me light headed. Not good for someone who many probably think is light-in-the-head anyway!