Monday, March 10, 2008

Across the Great Divide

Isn't there a song by that name? Anyway, I am striking out into new/old territory. I am re-entering the world of the MAC! Was it the commercials? Nah, I think they are cute and funny but do not think they were more than maybe a gentle nudge. Was it unhappiness with Microsoft and the PC World? Not really. I certainly do not intend to stop using PCs, in fact know I will find my PC laptop indispensible for daily use. What were some factors then?
* Back in November I got an iPhone. I loved it from the start. It is a combination of the features and the style. I like both. It is so friendly and engaging...made me remember how much I used to like MACs for the same reasons.
*My daughter recently gave me her almost-new Compaq. She is a MAC person but got the Compaq for use on the road when she travels since we got a good price on it. She hated it and bought herself a refurbished MAC instead. That means I now have a perfectly good PC laptop and can branch out with my university-provided machine. The more I used her little MacBook, the more I liked it, even though it is several years old. It runs the music software she needs, which is not available for PC.
* I noticed more and more people at conferences I have recently attended were using MACs. Made me wonder why they, who tend to be such great computer users, preferred MACs.
* I also started to notice how many of my Tweets via Twitter are MAC fans. What do they know that I need to know

Anyway, I took the plunge. Even unpacking it was a joy. Those Mac folks KNOW HOW TO PACKAGE. My new friend came in a lovely little suitcase type box, snuggled down in special Mac styrofoam and swaddled in soft cuddly plastic sheets. I withdrew it reverently from its happy little home. Initial setup was done by the university before they sent it out to me. Getting online took a few minutes but not an unduly hard process. I now consider myself well becoming what I used to be...happily BI (platform that is). I am using my new MacBookPro right now, and enjoying the lovely smooth keys and the general feel of it. I am excited about having a built in mike and camera. I know I will be using PC's for a lot of work now and always, but am eager to rejoin the MAC world again!

Incidentally, it occurred to me that the MAC vs PC preference discussion is somewhat analogous to today's political conundrum. Is it just me or does Obama seem like a Mac and Hillary more like a PC? Playing around with this idea I came up with several reasons:

* Very nicely packaged
* Stylish
* Engaging and appealing
* Easy to like

* Businesslike
* Long history of getting things done
* Practical
* Hardworking

McCain? There my analogy breaks down. I am not sure what to compare him to! And as to my previous comments, I don't know which to pick between the two. The ideal might be, in my mind, the choice I am making for my future computer use...BOTH! Wouldn't be fun to have both those candidates on a ticket as well...

PS Yeah of course it is a song...originally by The Band, I think...

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