Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wow the things you can find...

I have an assignment in my Internet for Librarians class that is designed to promote evaluation of websites. Students look for several sites on a given topic, both good, authoritative material and also BAD examples. One type they must supply is a site with bias. One student's topic was recycling. I wondered as I began to read...will she really find a site against recycling? Not a problem I realized! There are lots of sites out there trashing environmentalists (sorry about the bad pun). Anyway, this site is a great one:

My favorite quotation is this:
" The Bible clearly states that God has made the heavens, with all their host, and the earth, and all things that are in it, and the seas, and all that is in them, and He preserves them all. (Nehemiah 9:6) God himself preserves the earth (and the oceans and the atmosphere), not governments, not environmentalists, not anybody else."

Soooo we can do as we please! GOD IS GOING TO PRESERVE THE EARTH even if we continue along with our wasteful and damaging ways! Why don't I feel relieved after reading this news...

On another topic, here is an interesting article about Yahoo!Answers, which I suspect may be trusted by both students and teachers.

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