Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thankful for librarians like Richie Partington

On this Thanksgiving morning I did not plan to do more than quickly glance at email. But the postings on LM_NET about the firing of Richie Partington of Richie's Picks ( call for immediate reaction. This outstanding librarian and advocate for right to read was fired, and of course it was over a book. If this had happened in my neck of the woods, where a guy showed up at the local public library with a woodchipper on a flatbed truck to destroy "bad" books, and where a replica of Michelangelo's David was given a fig leaf and moved to a rooftop, I would not have been surprised. But I guess I thought those folks out in California were freer thinkers. And I guess I was wrong. My faith will be restored if there is a public outcry. Then I will know it was just a wacko administrator. On this day I am thankful for people who raise their voices against oppression of our rights.

Go to Richie's page for a copy of the news article. I hope this article and others will raise such a hooraw that those who fired Richie will have heartburn resulting from that as well as today's turkey dinner. Here is a link to his page and article
And omigosh, he has a MySpace page! Of COURSE he got fired...